This past December, the LeadRival team attended the 2015 Dallas Digital Summit (DDSUM15) for marketers and SEO specialists.

We  were  able  to  listen  to  fantastic  speakers  like  Jason  Miller   from  LinkedIn  and  Mark  Cuban  and  gain  their  insight  of  how  any   business  can  improve  their  online  marketing  tactics.   The  overall  tone  of  the  conference  was  tied  to  2016  being   about  developing  content  around  consumers  and  designing   with  technology  in  mind.  Below  are  key  takeaways  from  the   event  and  how  they  can  be  implemented.

Keynote Speaker: Jason Miller

Jason  Miller  is  the  global  content   marketing   leader   at  LinkedIn.  One  of   his  books,  The  Sophisticated   Marketer’s  Checklist  for  LinkedIn,  can   be  found  on  the  amazon  best  seller   list.  His  presentation   started   #DDSUM15  by  speaking   about   creating  the  right  type  of  content  as   your  company’s  “Big  Rock”.  He  also   talked  about  and  believes  heavily  in   Ann  Handley’s   formula  of  useful  x   enjoyable   x  inspired   =  innovative   content.

“Own  the  conversation  that  drives  your  market.”

All  businesses  should  strive  to  anticipate  their  clients’  needs  and  answer   questions  before   they  are  asked.  Knowing  your  market  and  becoming  a   trusted  “go-­to”  resource,  can  easily  catapult  you  above  your  competitors.   By  creating  strategic  and  relevant  content,  any  business  can  succeed   with  online  marketing.  Using  a  globalized  vision  that  all  clients  can   understand  and  share  with  others,  makes  your  product  easier  to  refer.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Cuban

Mark  Cuban  is  the  owner  of  the  Dallas   Mavericks,  a  Shark  Tank  cast  member,   and  successful  entrepreneur  that  got  his   start  by  co-­founding   Though  Cuban’s  presentation  was  short,   his  Q&A  that  followed  provided  useful   information  that  any  business  owner   can  apply.  His  biggest  suggestion  was  to   “step  away  from  the  algorithm”  that   many  business  seems  to  follow.  Even   though  the  world  is  becoming  more   technologically  savvy,  we  as  marketers   have  to  find  a  way  to  make  the  “digital   [extend]  to  experiential”.

“You  don’t  want  to  try  to  recreate,  you  want  to  innovate.”

There  are  very  few  new  ideas  anymore,  but  that  doesn’t  mean  that  you   should  give  up.  Instead  of  copying  someone  else’s  work  or  simply   recreating  it,  try  making  it  better  fit  your  brand  or  industry  by  applying   your  own  authentic  approach.

“If  you’re  outperforming  me,  I’m  going  to  find  out  why.”

This  philosophy  shows  the  motivation  to  always  improve  yourself.    If   your  competitors  start  doing  better  than  you,  find  out  why  and  fix  what   you’re  doing. Try  to  make  things  as  personal  as  possible  without  getting  trapped  in   the  digital  world.  Try  taking  out  clients  to  determine  what  they  think  of   you  and  your  business.  Use  this  information  to  better  yourself  and   become  more  innovative  with  your  actions.  During  the  process,  ask   yourself  “How  would  I  kick  my  own  ass?”

Keynote Speaker: Chris Brogan

Chris  Brogan  is  a  best  selling   author   and  CEO  of  Owner  Media  Group,  and   regularly   speaks   about  how  to  make   your  business   thrive.  His  proven   methods  for  creating  content  help   with  making   an  impact  on  your   audience.   Based  on  his  book  The   Impact  Equation,  Brogan  goes  over   how  Impact  =  Create,  and  how  this   acronym  has  brought  both  himself   and  millions   of  others  success  in  the   business   world.

CREATE  stands  for:

Contrast  – Do  you  stand  out?

Reach  – How  far  does  your  message   travel?

Exposure  – How  often  do  people  see  your  message? Articulation  – How  clear  is  your  message?

Trust  – Do  people  believe  you?

Echo  – Do  people  see  themselves  in  you?

“Help  people  continue  their  story.”

Be  beneficial  for  other  people’s  lives  in  some  way  or  another.  Having  a   next  step  and  planning  out  what  people  can  do  if  they  have  a  set  feeling   about  your  business,  is  an  easy  way  to  accomplish  this.

Many  businesses  provide  answers  to  the  following  questions  in  their   content:  Where  do  I  go  if  I  have  questions?  How  should  I  proceed  or  who   do  I  contact  if  I  want  your  product  or  service?  Go  ahead  and  provide  the   next  or  multiple  steps  in  the  process.  Leading  potential  clients  in  the   right  direction  is  a  key  component  to  seeing  increased  conversions  from   your  content.

There were many other speakers at the Dallas Digital Summit that had some great insight. We have some of the best written out for you.

Other Speakers’ Takeaways

“If you improve the initial sales journey, you improve retention and satisfaction.”

“Be the best answer on the end of someone’s search.”

“Making the user experience slightly longer but more pleasant can leave people with a better overall experience.”

“Segment your clients and understand the customer journey.”

 We hope that quick overview gave you some new insight on where the marketing industry is heading and inspired you along the way. Please reach out to us with questions at

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