Summer Stand Outs

As the summer months begin and the opportunity to be outside increases, it can be difficult to build business. People seem to be less interested in work and more interested in play. Do you have a solid summer marketing plan? The people that stand out during the slower months are the ones that put in the extra effort to be seen. In order to gain the attention of new potential clients, it may be time to change things up.  Here are 3 creative ways to build business during the summer months.

  1. Take It Outside-The more you are seen being active in the community, the more personalized your company becomes in the eyes of potential clients. People want to feel like they know you. The summer months are filled with opportunities to meet face to face with potential clients.
    • Events- Having a booth at a community event or simply showing up will gain the respect and attention of many potential clients. Attend a little league tournament, festival, or volunteer at a charity event. Is there nothing going on in your community? Create your own event! Partner up with some other local businesses and throw a pool party or cookout event at the public park. The more effort you make to be involved and seen, the more opportunities you create to meet new potential clients.
    • Sponsorships- Don’t have time to attend or create events? Be an event sponsor. Most community events are organized by the Chamber of Commerce and placed on a community calendar months ahead of time. Having a sign at a Community Night, 4th of July event, or Herbal Fair will allow exposure without having to personally attend each event.
    • Forget-me-nots- Make sure at every event, people leave with some sort of physical representation of your company. A little basketball, sunglasses, or pens- a small keepsake will keep you in the forefront of their minds when it matters most.  
  2. Online Re-design-Take the summer theme online to connect with potential clients that may not see you at an event in your local area. Summer is about having fun, redesign your marketing pieces to have a summer feel. Add a new picture to your website, blog and/or newsletter wearing your vacation-wear, show your favorite vacation spots, whatever you feel will best represent you in a more casual way. This will allow potential clients to connect with you on a personal level, which in return, will build trust.
    • Online Only Offers- Display an “online only” offer on the main page of your website and push it through all social media channels. This will generate interest back to your page and create exclusivity for online prospects. Make sure the offer has an end date if you intend for it to only be available through the summer months.
    • Advertisements- Target your ads towards community pages such as the events calendar or main community page. These pages increase in volume during the summer months and will allow increased exposure for your business.
  3. Incorporate Kids– Parents are always looking for activities for their kids to get involved in during the summer. Why not lend a helping hand by incorporating kids into your summer marketing plan?
    • Online Activity- Create an online game or scavenger hunt on your website and promote it through social media, online ads or mailers to get kids involved. This not only entertains kids, but also allows parents to navigate through your website to help their kids. Increasing site volume and prospect interest.
    • Games and Sponsorships- If you are attending an event incorporate a game for kids at your booth. Whether it is a free-throw shooting contest or a small pool with floating ducks, if the kids are having fun the parents will stick around and be more open to talk. Not attending events? Sponsor a little league team or a popular sports event. This type of sponsorship will represent your company throughout the entire summer season.

Have fun creating your summer marketing plan but make sure you are not spinning your wheels. Do the research needed in order to increase exposure to the appropriate client base. Choose events and sponsorships that will best reach your target demographic to maximize your promotional opportunities.