dreamstime_l_46099683Using a phone number within your PPC campaigns is beneficial for a number of reasons; including a phone number helps increase credibility and therefore trust from your users. It also provides users an alternate way to convert. When generating phone calls from a PPC campaign, it’s important to correctly attribute those calls to keyword clicks in order to properly assess your return on ad spend.

To cover all your bases, use these 3 methods to track phone conversions in AdWords:

1. Calls from Ads

Use call extensions to display a clickable phone number underneath your Google ad copy. When setting up your call extensions, select “use a Google forwarding number” and “count calls as phone call conversions”. These two settings will ensure that when someone clicks on your call extension, the conversion will be tracked back to the keyword and ad group in your account.


2. Calls to Google forwarding number on your website

Tracking a click-to-call is one thing, but how can you track customers who manually dial a phone number from your website? All you need is an active call extension and the ability to edit your website. By adding a small piece of code to your website, Google will dynamically generate forwarding numbers that replace the phone number on your site. When a customer dials that forwarding number, Google can then track your call conversion along with more detailed information such as call duration. For more information about how to set up this (or any of the 3 tracking methods discussed in this article), go here.


3. Clicks on a phone number link on your mobile site

You can also track call conversions made when a user clicks on a phone number link on your mobile site after clicking on your ad. This requires adding a small piece of code into the onclick portion of an image, button, or text (like the image below):



As mobile search share increases, tracking phone calls is a crucial step in correctly analyzing PPC account performance. Use the 3 ways listed above to make sure you’re correctly attributing your call conversions.