Much like televised political debates leave the average person watching at home with a “HUH?!?” expression upon their face, your internet audience can also get lost in translation.  There are thousands of websites that already have the content people are looking for, but the format is just horrible and usually leads to a visitor clicking out of the site. Build your content the right way!5 Content Writing Tips That Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

1. Don’t talk above their heads!

Your target visitors don’t do what you do!  They are the consumers looking for information that makes sense.  No offense but, trust me, most of them do NOT know the lingo!  If you must talk like this, then provide a little detail on what you are talking about.  This helps your target visitor understand you AND this adds extra content to your webpage.

2. Break up the monotony!  (New Topic = New Paragraph)

Long single paragraphs that take up a whole page are proven to be a huge part of losing your target visitor.  Sure, you think that every single word on your webpage is highly important, and I’m sure it is.  But the VISITOR is most likely only looking for one little thing.  Make that piece of content easy for them to find!

3. Create interesting paragraph and page titles

This is a simple one.  Which of the following two titles makes you more intrigued to read on?

a. Buy My Donuts Before They Are Gone
b. 2 Reasons Why You Must Get My Famous Glazed Donuts Now

4. Reconsider your font size and font style

Are you working in a niche that is young and hip?  Try a fun font style.

Is your target visitor elderly?  Maybe a larger font that is easier to read will help.

What about your text color?  Try a color that is easier on the eyes.

5. Add content for all types of visitors

Your goal should be to convert all of your online visitors to customers.  But you are most likely not going to do that, it just doesn’t happen.  But, you can increase the overall conversion rates by adding the following elements to each page of content that you have.

a. Informative copy – the visitor might not convert, but they now find your site informative.

b. Brand identifiable copy – the visitor might not convert, but now they remember your brand.

c. Conversion copy – they are here to convert, help them learn how.

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