A web citation is a “mention” of your business.  A mention can be a multitude of things; links, references,  your business name, and even your address.  Having proper citations across the web gives you and your business validity.  Take advantage of having proper online citations, because your competitors are.  Start with something you can control a bit easier, like your businesses nap information.

In this article, I will be covering the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) citation.

NAP Information and Business Listings

Your NAP citations can be found in a number of online listings such as your local chamber of commerce, Search Engines local listings, local directories, and more.

Consistency is the key to proper NAP information.

  1. Use your actual business name  (avoid stuffing keywords into the business name fields)
  2. Use the same phone number
  3. Use the exact same address structure across all listings (I like to use the address structure that Google uses for their maps)

Take advantage if a directory listing has additional fields like a description and an image or logo upload.

 Find and edit your NAP information listings across the web.

  1. Type your business name into Google with parenthesis around your name.  Like this:  “my business name”.
  2. You should find listings that have your NAP info.
  3. Click on/Go to these listings and update your NAP information, you may need to subscribe or sign up to do this step.

Places to Get Business Citations and Listings

  1. Localeze (this directory is a hub where many other sources find and use your NAP information)
  2. Blogs or websites of other local businesses in your area.
  3. Industry focused directories, even if it’s a nationwide directory
  4. Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, local chamber website, superpages, yellowpages, etc.
  5. Do a search for “business directories” to find more