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Legal Leads: Secrets of the Industry

Lead Generation February 23, 2017

Legal Leads- either you’ve heard that they will help grow your business or that they are a waste of time….

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The 2016 Dallas Digital Summit: Takeaways

Marketing, PPC, SEO January 23, 2017

In December 2016, a few people from the LeadRival team attended the Dallas Digital Summit for the second year in…

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9 Problems With Marketing Automation

Marketing August 8, 2016

Marketing automation is one of the greatest inventions in marketing history…yet it is still one of the most dangerous things…

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Branding For Lawyers: Create A Newsletter For Your Firm

Branding for Lawyers June 20, 2016

Newsletter Brainstorming: 6 Questions Newsletters are something that is a part of many brand cultures and have molded into a…

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Branding For Lawyers: Update Your Blog

Branding for Lawyers June 13, 2016

Earlier in Branding For Lawyers, we discussed the importance of updating your website. But, did you know that regularly updating…

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Branding For Lawyers: Content – Types of Media

Branding for Lawyers June 6, 2016

Different Types of Media Now that you’ve learned how to properly schedule your content, it would probably be beneficial to…

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Branding For Lawyers: Content 4-1-1

Branding for Lawyers May 30, 2016

When people use to think of online content, they only thought of website copy. Pictures, videos, blogs, and even social…

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Branding For Lawyers: The Importance of Social Media

Branding for Lawyers May 23, 2016

Last week on Branding For Lawyers, we went over a brief introduction to social media. It’s just as important to…

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Branding For Lawyers: Intro To Social Media

Branding for Lawyers May 16, 2016

Social Media Introduction Did you know that there are 2.3 billion active social media users globally? (Source) With such a high…

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LeadRival’s 6 Week Law Firm Marketing Course

Marketing May 10, 2016

How is your firm’s marketing strategy? This week, we are taken a break from Branding For Lawyers to speak about the launch…

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