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The 2017 Dallas Digital Summit Takeaways

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Marketing Takeaways

Every year when the Dallas Digital Summit rolls around, our team jumps at the chance to improve our digital marketing tactics.

This year really stood out from the rest because we had the chance to listen to marketing experts, such as keynote speaker Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me. We were able to learn the in’s and out’s of storytelling the right way and keeping up with the changes of technology. Keep reading to read our takeaways from the event and how they can benefit your firm!


Keynote Speaker: Jay Baer

Jay Baer is an “internet pioneer, entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author” that delivered a keynote on how to make your marketing compelling and different from the rest.

“Same is lame”

Marketing is different today than any other time in history. With 19% of all financial decisions being caused by word-of-mouth, it’s important for firms to stand out from their competitors. “Same is lame” refers to the fact that humans discuss what’s different and ignore what’s average.

The best way to differentiate yourself is to use talk triggers to create conversations. Consider talking points that make your firm seem remarkable, repeatable, realistic and relevant. The types of talk triggers you use also have to contain responsiveness, empathy, generosity and a good attitude.

“If you want better digital engagement…if you want better online word of mouth…I dare you to be different”


Keynote Speaker: Lee Applebaum

When the chief marketing officer of Patrón Spirits visits, you know it’s going to be a good keynote! Lee Applebaum speaks on how their success comes from their story and the word-of-mouth from their customers.


“Education. Engagement. Affinity. Purchase.”

The above are the key points to making a story fit the desire that customers have. Whether it’s the desire for information, instructions, access, or location, answering the questions before they’re asked will put your brand on top.


Keynote Speaker: Morgan Spurlock

If you’ve ever heard of or seen Super Size Me or The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, that’s all thanks to the brilliant mind of Morgan Spurlock. His keynote was the highlight of the conference with him speaking about reaching people in emotional ways with content.


“You can’t plan for change [but] you can plan for the impact and how you hope to change”

Spurlock’s main point was that we are all storytellers, we just have to decide which stories to tell. Striving to drive a conversation is difficult, but is important to do with our content. “Content Creation will make a big difference to the story you’re trying to tell.”


“The more risks you take, the less risky things become. “

The stories that push beyond your comfort zone are the stories that need to be told.

Other Marketing Takeaways


“You can’t just spend more and expect to get more” – Jamie Bradley

Did you know that 58% of marketers plan to increase spending on email marketing during the next year – more than any other channel? Just because they want to spend more doesn’t mean that the expected results will happen. It all comes down to correctly setting up email automation, segmentation, and email design.


“Up to 75% of people that receive an email that’s not mobile optimized will delete it” – Rob Pellow

Our brains process images about 60x faster than text, but if nothing loads correctly, what is being processed? If emails are image heavy with no alt text, an email will actually come in blank. Be sure to test your emails prior to sending them to make sure that they’re optimized correctly.

Paid Search

“Your landing page has to keep the promise in your ad” – Brian Massey

Making sure that your paid ads line up with what you are trying to advertise is important. People don’t want to make a final decision on a landing page. Instead, most just want information that can help lead them to a solution to their problem.


“Make sure that people still have to click through to your website to see the full answer/results” – Ronell Smith

Even though it’s important for people to know as much about you as possible, you don’t want to give away so much information at once that they become uninterested. Leaving a bit of mystery for your landing page is the best “clickbait” in the industry.


“Let’s do something big that gets results instead of fixing a broken link” – Matthew Capala

It is common for someone to look at SEO as a whole instead of trying to plan for SEO to have an impact over time. Adding SEO to the site structure and navigation helps your website out without even trying. Having a steady balance between SEO and the user interface will make your website successful.


“Brands that blog regularly receive 55% more traffic and over 80% more leads (Hubspot). A blog is a prerequisite to an effective SEO” – Matthew Capala

When your brand is producing content on a regular basis, it is easier to not only rank higher, but your content is more likely to be shared.


“51% of website traffic comes from organic search results” – Matthew Capala

SEO is such an important part of a marketing plan because it is what drives people to your website. Did you know that organic keywords will win over the sheer amount of content? That’s why it’s important to do SEO right…..because size DOES matter!


“Concept, NOT CONTENT, is king.” – Brad Perry

As Brad Perry said, content is just content. Unless we have a reason to make people WANT to care, we can’t make them care. There needs to be distinctiveness in the world of content, instead, so many brands and firms just write to write. If you’re struggling to find what to write about, learn about consumer habits and understand your audience better. A great tip that Perry gives is to firms and brands alike is to make your clients feel like superheroes and that they’re important.


“Show don’t tell” – Melanie Deziel

Would you rather see a chart or hear someone’s story? Storytelling is best when you start thinking like a journalist and less like a writer. Deziel gives tips as to how using the T.R.U.T.H method livens up data instantly: Timely/Teaching, Reputable Sources, Uniqueness/Remarkable, Tension, Human Connection. When we step back and stop looking at data and start hearing stories, it allows for a human connection to be made and content to feel more relatable.


Hopefully, this quick overview of new digital marketing tactics was helpful. Please reach out to us with questions at grow@leadrival.com or 800.332.8017!

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