Here is a quick tutorial on adding the Google rel=author tag via html on a post by post basis.  Sometimes you might just be a guest writer and can’t link your google+ by verifying email address.  This post describes how you can instead use a little html code to create your rel=author tag.

A Quick Step by Step Guide to Adding Your rel=author Tag

1.  Create a google+ account with a gmail address(if you don’t already have one).

Go to a great article and activate your +1 tab

2.  While logged in to googleplus, go to  and click the g+1 after the post, this will activate your plus1 tab on googleplus.  If you don’t want to plus1 this post you can simply +1 any other article you like.  (if the author added this option)

Go back to your Google plus account:

3.  Click on Edit Profile, go to the “About” tab, highlight and click on the “Contributor to” section, click “Add custom link”.  In the first box type in a description of the site you write for, in the second box copy and paste the absolute url to the HOMEPAGE of the site, click save.  Simply repeat this step for each site you work for.

Go to YOUR article or post

4.  Now, go to your post and enter html like this:

<a href=””>Google+</a>

After adding your content around this code, it should look something like this:  ( Connect with Aaron on Google+ )

Be sure to replace the bold part above with YOUR google+ profile url. NOTE:  the ?rel=author is mandatory at the end of your profile url.

Test your results by using the Google structured data tool.  Simply enter the url of your post and see what information google pulls from your post.

If you are not sure on why you should create this new rel=author tag, read my related post on “Why and How You Should Use the Google rel=author Tag”.  The post also gives some advice on maximizing your results with this new author tag.