All too often law firms (for that matter companies in general) believe just because they have signed up for the latest or hottest marketing trend, they’ve solved their marketing issues. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. In fact, in many cases, organizations woefully fail with new marketing tactics. So what or who is the culprit? As the old cliché states, “You can point your finger at someone but remember this, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you!”How do the most successful law firms really “milk all their marketing money for what it’s worth?” Well first off, many of them are better business people than they are attorneys. They understand effectively managing data is a key to finding what’s working and what’s not working. They also understand the best way to accomplish this is to compartmentalize through some variation of a CRM (customer relationship management) solution.With many CRMs, you can bypass the manual data entry portion of getting your leads into a management platform. A large number of them provide the option to directly post or import leads you receive (specifically through the Internet) directly into the system. This allows you and or your salespeople to do what they do best…sell your services.…not focus on getting data into some system.

Other advantages of using CRMs like SalesForce, InsideSales, and Blue Orchid Marketing are:

  • Drip e-mail campaigns to continually touch potential clients
  • Auto generated direct mail campaigns (BOM)
  • Categorizing of leads by status
  • Predictive dialer’s to increase your reps talk time with potential clients

The majority of all CRM solutions are customizable and can be tailored to your firm’s needs. However, please keep in mind that by simply purchasing leads along with a CRM, does not guarantee success. To provide the best chances for success, both tools must be used hand in hand on a consistent and daily basis.