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Our legal marketing blog is the perfect resource to help refresh your knowledge of marketing, social media, SEO and PPC.

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LeadRival LIVE: Episode 5 – PPC for Attorneys

Bria and Traci discuss PPC tips for attorneys and law firms!

Join us as we discuss how attorneys can set up and run their own paid search campaigns!

LeadRival LIVE: Episode 4 – Design a Law Firm Website That Converts

Bria and Aaron discuss website elements that law firms should be using!

Join us as we discuss how attorneys can take their website to the next level – and leave old ways behind!

LeadRival LIVE: Episode 3 – SEO For Attorneys

Bria and Aaron discuss SEO tips for attorneys and law firms!

Join us as we discuss how attorneys can incorporate SEO into their website and content!

LeadRival LIVE: Episode 2 – Email Marketing for Law Firms

Bria and Kye discuss email marketing for attorneys and law firms.

Join us as we discuss how to use email marketing in your law firm!

The Importance of a Firm’s Visual Elements

Have you ever visited a website and felt overwhelmed with information? Having too much text and not enough visual content is usually to blame. We frequently see firms that use their website as an information hub but don't appeal to their site visitors visually. This...

LeadRival LIVE: Episode 1 – The Good, Bad and Ugly Sides to Lead Generation

Bria and Kye discuss the good, bad and ugly sides to legal leads.

Join us to learn about what to look for in a lead generation company that will grow your law firm!

LeadRival’s White Papers

We have producted a number of free white papers for attorneys to download. They contain industry secrets about marketing your firm and social media hacks! Click below to go to our download page.

LeadRival’s Marketing eCourse

Want a crash course in marketing? Our 6 week marketing course provides lesson plans, templates and more!

LeadRival’s Infographics

Interested in seeing the infographics that we’ve put together over the years? Grow your knowledge about legal marketing by checking out our collection below!

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Every day, thousands of people search for legal help online. When they search, they often see one our advertisements. If they click on our advertisement, they are taken to one of our practice specific websites that contains a free claim evaluation form. If the user completes the form and matches our filtering criteria, they are connected to a local law firm who can assist them with their legal issues.

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