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Texting: The New Way to Contact Leads

TO TEXT OR NOT TO TEXT? Technology is constantly changing the way that lawyers conduct business. Before email, phone calls and written letters were the main ways to communicate with clients. It was a simpler time when there were fewer guidelines for attorneys to...
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LeadRival’s Brand Refresh (And The Changes We Made)

You may have noticed that our logo and website were recently updated. Our team has been working hard to refresh LeadRival's brand image and we'd like to help firms by outlining our process. If your firm has been contemplating a new look, starting with these steps is...
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Earth Day: Making Your Firm Green

Earth Day 2017 At LeadRival, we strive to make our community and the world a better place by volunteering our time as a team. We firmly believe it is our social responsibility to give back, which is why Earth Day is important to us. We wanted to share with you the...
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Spring Cleaning – A Successful Marketing Checklist

Successful Law Firm Marketing Checklist [Infographic] Spring is finally here, which means that it’s time to take spring cleaning into consideration for your marketing. Get organized for the year and start seeing an ROI on your goals in no time! Below we’ve listed some...
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Legal Leads: Secrets of the Industry

Legal Leads- either you’ve heard that they will help grow your business or that they are a waste of time. And if you’ve done your research, you’ll hear every answer in between. With so many legal lead generators in the industry, it’s hard to differentiate which...
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The 2016 Dallas Digital Summit: Takeaways

In December 2016, a few people from the LeadRival team attended the Dallas Digital Summit for the second year in a row. For those unaware of what #DSDAL is, it’s a marketing and SEO based conference for professionals around the country to attend. Though we were...
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9 Problems With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the greatest inventions in marketing history…yet it is still one of the most dangerous things to try. Though some accelerate at using this tool, it can be quite tricky and have its downfalls. We, for one, fell victim to the terrors of...
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Branding For Lawyers: Create A Newsletter For Your Firm

Newsletter Brainstorming: 6 Questions Newsletters are something that is a part of many brand cultures and have molded into a free marketing tactic that any firm can use. Asking yourself the 6 Q's of Newsletters will help you gain a better understanding of what a...
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Branding For Lawyers: Update Your Blog

Earlier in Branding For Lawyers, we discussed the importance of updating your website. But, did you know that regularly updating your blog is just as important for increasing your online visibility? Many companies often overlook this simple step because they feel that...
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Branding For Lawyers: Content – Types of Media

Different Types of Media Now that you’ve learned how to properly schedule your content, it would probably be beneficial to learn about the different types of content you should create! Posting on social media is the best way to become an industry expert if you create...
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LeadRival’s White Papers

We have producted a number of free white papers for attorneys to download. They contain industry secrets about marketing your firm and social media hacks! Click below to go to our download page.


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 Want a crash course in marketing? Our 6 week marketing course provides lesson plans, templates and more!

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Interested in seeing the infographics that we’ve put together over the years? Grow your knowledge about legal marketing by checking out our collection below!