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LeadRival LIVE: Episode 1 – The Good, Bad and Ugly Sides to Lead Generation

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Live Videos

Bria and Kye discuss the good, bad and ugly sides to legal leads.

Join us to learn about what to look for in a lead generation company that will grow your law firm!

Read below for the full transcript of the LeadRival LIVE session with Bria and Kye.

Hello and welcome to our first live stream! I’m Bria Fox and this is LeadRival LIVE. Today, I’m here with LeadRival’s CEO, Kye Duncan. This week, we’ll be discussing the good, bad and ugly sides of lead generation. I brought in Kye because he’s been with LeadRival since the beginning and he is THE lead gen expert.


So, let’s dive right in. Tell us a little bit about what a lead is and how lead generation is going.

For sure! So, a lead is anyone who is searching online or searching for help. So, if somebody calls your business with questions asking for help, somebody who is doing a Google search, looking for an attorney in their area. When those people reach out and connect to you either by filling out the form on your website or calling you, that’s why I mean by lead. So, whenever that happens, typically with what we do when somebody fills out a form on our website, we match them with an attorney in their area and then transfer that information to the attorney so that the attorney can follow up and help the client.  

So, whenever you’re matching these leads with attorneys, what would make a quality lead?

So, lead quality really comes down to the intent. What was the user hoping to get? Were they searching because they were injured and they needed an attorney in their area? Were they hoping to, you know, talk to somebody today, or were they just kind of kicking tires trying to find out “well maybe my current attorney’s not helping me that much. Maybe I want to see you to get a second opinion.” So the intent is what makes the lead highest quality. And things that lead generators, like LeadRival, can do to improve the intent is one: making sure that we’re advertising on keywords with high intent, so people who are searching for legal help – those are going to have the highest intent and then also taking steps on the lead form to try to filter out people that maybe aren’t quite that serious. So, if someone already has an attorney, that’s not a good lead. They’re not going to retain you if they already have an attorney.  

Okay, so you would pretty much say that the one thing that separates lead generation companies are their filters?

Sure. Filters are very important when it comes to leads. If you’re looking at different advertising channels – television can produce a lot of phone calls, but those phone calls aren’t there. There’s no filtering going on, you know? So, they may call you about an accident they had 10 years ago. Well, that person is not going to be a good lead for you because their statute of limitations has run out.. What we can do on our side is we ask filtering questions to try to disqualify people that aren’t good candidates for legal help. You know, asking about when their accident happened, asking if they already have an attorney, asking maybe if they’ve already settled a claim – whatever that is, we can try to, you know, weed out the leads that aren’t really going to be productive and focus on the ones that are the best prospects.  

Very cool. In the lead generation industry, are there any tips that you can give attorneys that are looking to partner with lead generation companies?

Sure. So, there’s a lot of lead generation companies like us out there. A lot of them have been around a long time, just like us. The first things you should ask is – “are your leads exclusive?” Some companies will sell a lead to more than one attorney and so it creates this feeding frenzy. The lead goes out to three or four attorneys and it’s a race to see who can get in touch with the lead first. We don’t believe that’s a good way to do business, so we only sell our leads one time to one attorney. So, I think that’s an important differentiator. Also, the length of the contract. If you are new to lead generation or just testing out a new lead company, you shouldn’t have to lock into a 12-month contract that is hard to get out of. So, look for something short term with an easy out. That way, you can test, and if it’s not working out for you, you can quickly change course and use those marketing dollars for something else.  

Alright, so you’re pretty much saying that with lead generation, look for exclusive leads and look for short contracts?

Absolutely! Those are definitely important! And do your research! You know, you can easily find out information about the companies you want to work with by asking them for references. They should be able to give you the names of a few attorneys that they’ve helped. If they can’t do that, well that could be a red flag. So, do your homework.  

And for attorneys that have never received a lead, can you describe what they can look for or expect when getting their first lead?

  Sure. So, the leads that are generated online are usually transmitted to the attorney by email – that’s the primary method. You can also get a text message with an alert saying “Hey, you have a new lead. Give them a call.” We also will post those leads into many different CRM platforms, like Salesforce, so if you use one of those, we can certainly integrate with that and get the lead directly into that platform so that your call center can follow up with the lead right away.

Alright, and how can a firm know if a lead generation company is right for them?

  It’s all about doing your research, asking good questions, making sure you understand “are these leads exclusive? Is the contract easy to get out of if I’m not happy?” Lead companies are only successful if they help their client be successful, so we’ve been fortunate enough to be in the business for over 10 years and have a lot of clients that we’ve helped. So I think looking at that track record is important. If you do those things and go in with an open mind and understand the work involved with leads, you’re going to be successful and you’re going to want to buy as many leads and you can.  

Alright, well that’s all the time we have for today. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our email list! Please visit www.leadrival.com/leadrival-live. Whenever you go there and sign up, you’ll get email alerts about when we’re live, if you’ve missed our live, it will be sent to you. So, check that out and we will see you next time. Thanks for watching!


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