Just having a Web site may not be enough for it to generate interest in or clients for your law firm. Generating the type of traffic that will be beneficial to your firm takes strategic planning. 

The first step is to know your target. If you are a bankruptcy law firm, you probably don’t want clients who are facing a criminal charge. If your firm handles only criminal cases, you probably don’t want to deal with a Social Security disability case. 

It helps to do a little research into the search terms that people are using on Google, Yahoo and MSN to find attorneys in your area of practice. Once you know what they are, make sure that they are prominent in the content on your site. 

The content on the site should not only match the type of law you practice, it should include information about the geographic area that your practice is in. Include the city, county and state in the keyword focused pages. An attorney in Atlanta, Georgia wouldn’t necessarily want a client in Houston, Texas. 

Here are a few sites that you can use to analyze the keywords on your site for their effectiveness.

  • Word Tracker This site will help you analyze keyword searches and the sites competing for the traffic on those terms.
  • Good Key Words A free way to find basic information about search terms and traffic generated from them.
  • Keyword Discovery Provides a free and paid version that analyzes keywords across all the search engines.

It helps to know your audience in any marketing effort. Gearing your content to keywords that generate the most searches will help you to get the most out of your Web site. Having the tools and the time to discover your target and the type of searches being made out there can help you connect with more clients. 

If you decide that you haven’t got the time or the manpower to dedicate to this, ask your LeadRival account executive about our Search Engine Optimization and low cost internet marketing solutions for your Web site.