Newsletter Brainstorming: 6 Questions

Newsletters are something that is a part of many brand cultures and have molded into a free marketing tactic that any firm can use. Asking yourself the 6 Q’s of Newsletters will help you gain a better understanding of what a newsletter contains.

Who – Will you be sending your firm’s newsletter to current clients or potential clients? How about both? Determine if you want to make one newsletter to send out to everyone, or if you want to tailor the language to fit your email segmentations.

What – What will you have in your newsletter? We will go over more about content tomorrow, but start thinking now about if you have enough “news” to fill an entire email.

When – Are you going to have a monthly or quarterly newsletter? Determine how exciting your firm is and if you have enough time and content to pack into a certain time constraint. Create a schedule and stick to it!

Where – Where are you going to market your firm’s newsletter? Do you plan on having sign up links on your website and social media accounts? Determine where so you go about building your email lists the right way.

Why – Is your newsletter going to stick out among others? A newsletter needs to show passion and hard work from your firm. If you’d rather not spend time marketing your legal efforts, a newsletter might not be for you.

How – Which online service will you choose to send out your newsletter? There are free programs like MailChimp or you can go with an email marketing software like Marketo. Determine your budget now!

Newsletter Topics

Newsletters are only as useful as the information that is in them. This is why it is beyond important to think about different topics that you can cover so that people will want to subscribe. Listed below are a few ideas that can really kickstart your emails.

You can fill your newsletter with:

• Recent Blog Posts

• Industry-Related News

• Client Testimonials

• Law Firm Events – New employees, birthdays, anniversaries, certifications, milestones, announcements

• Winning Case Details

• Survey or Contest/Giveaway

• Press Releases or Mentions

• Conference Information and Keynotes

• Law Firm Story, Videos, or Pictures

• Supported Charities or Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever you do decide to include in your newsletter, make sure to always use images with alt text and a link so that your readers are given multiple options to click on. In fact, our newsletter images usually get more click throughs than our call-to-action buttons do. Test out what works for you and always test your theories! You never know what the behavior of your clients will be like unless you track everything!

Newsletter Designs

Content is only the half of what makes a great newsletter. Believe it or not, if your newsletter isn’t well designed, people are less likely to stay subscribed to it. There are many factors that go into a great newsletter design, and next to none of them require coding.

Email design is something that people spend years learning, and that still isn’t enough to keep up with the constant changes in technology. So don’t stress out if you are worried this isn’t something that can be achieved easily. There are many email resources that you can use to send amazing emails out for your firm, but not all are free.

Top Free Email Marketing Provider:


If you are looking for an easy-to-use email creator and sender, Mailchimp is right for you. You can have up to 2,000 subscribers and send out 12,000 emails per month without having to pay, which is perfect for newsletters. They have an extremely easy drag-and-drop interface that anyone can learn in seconds. Check out some of their “Get Started References” to give you a better idea of what is capable with their software.

There are many other great email marketing providers out there, but if you are just starting out, try sticking with something free that you can play around with first.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when creating emails:

  • Keep your subject line around 35 characters (try out this headline analyzer from CoSchedule)
  • Make sure your emails are responsive (aka they look great on phones/tablets)
  • Keep your body copy text at 16 px and your headlines at 22 px
  • Use coded buttons instead of images for your call to actions (visit bit.ly/bulletproof-buttons for more info)

Need some fun newsletter design ideas? Check out this website full of examples! Hopefully, this helps you out with creating some unique ideas for your firm.

Newsletter Subscribers

Though we’d all like to think getting subscribers is easy, it’s definitely no walk in the park. Many companies spend years building up their email lists, which is why it’s important to start off strong!

Your first batch of email subscribers can be your previous and current clients. These are people that know and trust your firm, so they most likely won’t mind being signed up for your list. It’s always good practices to “double-opt in” these people by informing them that they are signed up for your newsletter (and give them the option to unsubscribe so you are following CAN-SPAM laws). This is the first step to making sure your subscribers start off strong!

Next, you want to advertise your heart out to get more people to sign up. Here are some easy ways you can market your newsletter for sign ups:

  • Offer a sign up link on your website
    • This one is the easiest to do, as many people that are visiting your website would probably love to stay informed about what is going on with your brand.
  • Promote your newsletter on social media
    • Posting your sign up link is quick and easy, and you have the ability to reach people outside of your normal network. Make sure to always post often enough to catch new people that didn’t see the advertisement the first time!
  • Add a “forward email” option in your newsletter
    • Most email marketing providers offer the option to add a forward link in your email. This will allow anyone that gets the email to send it to someone that they think will benefit from it. Plus, this is a great “set it and forget it” tip!
  • Sign up new clients for your newsletter as soon as you start working with them
    • This is a step that you will need to speak with them about, but most people won’t mind being signed up for it. It will also serve as a tool to become “legal experts” in their eyes, so they might refer you to more people.
  • Feature your newsletter in your blog
    • When writing a new blog post, always try adding in your newsletter at the bottom of your post, or offer something special to new subscribers as an incentive.

There are many other ways to get people to sign up for your newsletter, but these are the easiest ways to get it done!

If you’d like to learn about other marketing tactics for your firm, LeadRival is here to show you that legal leads are the way to go! Contact us at grow@leadrival.com or 1.800.332.8017 for more information.