There have been multiple incidents that have taken place across our country in the past year that involve an unarmed black man killed or injured at the hands of an officer. As a result, a collective number of states across the U.S. have recently considered new legislation aimed at increasing police accountability by adding body cameras to uniforms

According to the Washington Post, civil rights groups like the NAACP, and the American Civil Liberties Union have instigated many of the body camera proposals, and $263 million has been allocated for a three-year program to expand training for local police departments from the Obama administration. This also includes a special fund of $75 million to go towards the purchase of 50,000 cameras through a matching program.

While the details of each legislation is different state by state, many are moving toward a policy requiring all officers to wear a body camera with full-time surveillance while on duty. This will serve increase police accountability and decrease criminal acts or discrimination performed by law enforcement. The issue that weighs heavy is the conflict with Fourth Amendment rights. Requiring officers to wear cameras that record their every move will impend on eavesdropping laws and require permission from both parties being recorded and the Fourth Amendment. Which means they may have to obtain a release form from every person they come into contact with while on duty.

Do you feel like we are taking  it too far to require body cameras on all police officers?