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Expanding your client base can be costly when you don’t know how to effectively target your advertising campaigns. LeadRival’s marketing system helps you find consumers who are searching for legal help in your geographic territories at a fraction of the cost of other advertising channels.

How it Works

We provide a pooled advertising system that allows you to get the cost savings of a national advertising campaign while only receiving inquires from your desired area.

We connect consumers who are searching for legal help directly to your firm.  Additionally, our team of marketing experts will guide you through the best practices for converting internet leads into retained clients. 


Keep reading to learn more about the specific practice areas where we generate leads.

Personal Injury

There are millions of personal injury cases that are in need of qualified lawyers to help them negotiate a fair settlement or take their claim to court. Start obtaining justice for the injured today!  learn more

Auto Accident

There are nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States every year. Unfortunately, vehicle related accidents are the leading cause of severe injury or death for individuals.  learn more

Workers’ Compensation

Each year, more than 4.1 million people in the United States suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness.Workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries cost society $155.5 billion annually.  learn more

Social Security Disability

LeadRival generates quality social security disability leads for attorneys and advocacy groups just like yours every month. Our success stems from our understanding of the importance of qualified leads.  learn more

Employment & Labor

A large percentage of employers are not compliant with current wage and hour laws. Sexual harassment, discrimination, and unemployment continue to be major issues across all industries.  learn more


Many Americans file bankruptcy each year, and a large percentage of them begin the process by searching for bankruptcy information online. Bankruptcy leads are out there, let LeadRival help bring them to your door.  learn more


Many people need help with stopping their house from going into foreclosure. Our foreclosure focused websites contain Foreclosure Leadseducational information about foreclosure cases and a form.  learn more


FACT: On average there are about 1.4 million arrests made per year for driving under the influence (DUI) in the United States. A large number of people charged with drunk driving use the internet to find an attorney.  learn more

Nursing Home Abuse

Did you know that over 50% of nursing home staff admitted to mistreating elderly patients in one year? Two thirds of those incidents involved neglect. (Ben Natan, 2010)  learn more

Medical Malpractice

When medical errors occur, many patients turn to the internet for help understanding their rights and finding an attorney. When they search online for medical malpractice information, many of them find one of LeadRival’s websites.  learn more

Other Practice Areas

Through our MyAttorneyHome directory, we generate leads in many other practice areas including Estate Law, Immigration, Divorce, Family and Criminal Defense. To gain access to these leads, simply sign up for a Premium Listing in the MyAttorneyHome directory.  learn more

Do you want more leads?

Accelerate your firm’s growth. Grow your practice with exclusive, real-time leads that convert to clients.

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How do you generate leads?

Every day, thousands of people search for legal help online. When they search, they often see one our advertisements. If they click on our advertisement, they are taken to one of our practice specific websites that contains a free claim evaluation form. If the user completes the form and matches our filtering criteria, they are connected to a local law firm who can assist them with their legal issues.

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