Criminal Defense Leads

In the United States, millions of people are  accused of a crime each year and all of them are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. These crimes range from minor offenses such as a traffic ticket to more serious infractions such as murder. As a criminal defense lawyer, you can assist these potential leads in finding relief fast and our lead generation services are designed to offer you that success.

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Criminal Defense Lead Filtering System

We ask the right questions to ensure that our partners receive the highest quality prospects. Here are the requirements set in place in order to be considered a viable lead:

  • Must answer if they or a loved one has been charged with a crime?
  • Must answer if there a warrent for their arrest.
  • Must answer with what type of crime it is.
  • Must not already have an attorney.
  • Must answer if they have a court date.
  • Must answer how they will pay for legal fees.

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LeadRival operates a variety of injury-themed websites that educate consumers on the legal process. The site listed below generates thousands of criminal defense leads each month for our partners.

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How We Help Connect You to People Facing Criminal Charges

Our Criminal Defense focused websites contain a wealth of information about criminal cases.

People who are accused of crimes find us by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo. They click one of our organic listings or paid search ads in order to learn more and find a local attorney who can help them with their case.

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