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We have FDCPA leadsFACT: In 2011, 12,471 cases were filed against collection agencies and creditor rights law firms in the US for alleged violations of the FDCPA and TCPA. FDCPA lawsuits filed is expected to grow each year, just on a decreasing course.  So naturally your business should be growing with more FDCPA leads.  Is it?

Start Protecting Clients Today From Debt Collector Harassment.

Our FDCPA Leads Filtering Systems:

In order to ensure we are generating quality leads to help grow your business, we ask the following questions in our evaluation form.

  • If the same debt collector has called them multiple times and if they were ever threatened to take action against the legal (or otherwise)
  • If the debt collector contacted anyone other than their spouse regarding their debt
  • If the debt collector has ever contact them at work and/or tried to collect debt discharge in prior bankruptcy
  • If the debt collector has contacted them before 8:00am and/or after 9:00pm
  • If the debt collector has left them messages without identifying his or her company or the purpose of the call

Join the LeadRival team today and see how attorneys just like you are converting clients from thousands of high-quality leads a month. If you are an FDCPA Attorney looking to grow your practice by using our lead generation system, please call us today at 800-332-8017. Or to get started immediately, simply  Join Our Network and a representative will contact you directly.


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LeadRival relies on many avenues in order to generate quality leads for our partners. Our consumer based website Faircollectionpractices.com is used to not only market our partners firms to consumers but also as an education resource for those seeking information.