Medical Malpractice Leads

Every year, thousands of Americans are victims of medical malpractice.  When medical errors occur, many patients turn to the internet for help understanding their rights and finding an attorney.  When they search online for medical malpractice information, many of them find one of LeadRival’s websites.

Medical MalpracticeWe help Medical Malpractice Victims connect with your law firm!

We offer all site visitors access to a free case evaluation form.  This form ensures that all leads

  • Do not already have an attorney
  • Are physically injured
  • Injury occurred within statute of limitations.


Grow Your Practice with Medical Malpractice Leads!

By partnering with LeadRival, you will receive access to real-time, high quality leads from medical malpractice victims.  Contact us today at 800-332-8017 or complete our Join Our Network form to start getting Medical Malpractice leads in your area today!


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LeadRival operates a variety of personal injury-themed websites that educate consumers on the personal injury process. The site listed below generates hundreds of personal injury leads each month for our partners.

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