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We Find the Social Security Disability Leads For You!

We understand that your firm doesn’t have time to waste on social security disability leads that cannot qualify for SSD benefits. That is why we filter out over 54% of our leads based on age and work status along with the following filtering objectives.

SSD Lead Filtering Requirements:

  • Leads between the ages of 49-64 years old

  • Say they have worked 5 of the last 10 years

  • Say they are unable to work for the next 12 months

  • Must be seeing a doctor for their disability

  • Does not have an attorney or representative

  • Is not receiving benefits

The result:  a more qualified SSI or SSDI lead that is more likely to become a client.


We know that your business needs a steady stream of clients and we want to help. If you are a Social Security Disability Attorney or Advocate looking to grow your practice through lead generation by receiving social security disability leads, please call us today at 800-332-8017.

Disability Sites

LeadRival operates a variety of Social Security Disability-themed websites that educate consumers on the SSD process. These sites, like the one listed below, generate thousands of disability leads each month.

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