Workers' Compensation Leads

Each year, more than 4.1 million people in the United States suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness.Workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries cost society $155.5 billion annually.

Workplace injuries are very common today; they affect people of all types of work, age range, and of all ethnic and economic backgrounds.

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Workers’ Comp Lead Filtering System

We ask the right questions to ensure that our partners receive the highest quality prospects. Here are the filters set in place in order to be considered a viable lead:

  • Must say they were injured at work
  • Must state the injury date
  • Injury must cause them to miss more than 5 days of full-time work
  • Must answer that they do not already have an attorney

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LeadRival relies on many avenues in order to generate quality leads for our partners. Our consumer-based website, USWorkersComp.com, is used to not only market our partners firms to consumers but also as an education resource for those seeking information about Workers’ Comp proceedings.

How We Generate Workers’ Comp Leads:

Our work injury related websites have articles and information about the workers compensation process. When users see our organic or paid search listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo they click through to our site. If they decide they want to have an attorney review their case, they fill out our workers comp case review form. This form captures their contact information (name, address, email and phone) and asks several other questions

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