A “Contact Us” form is one of the most important components you can add to your website.  It allows site visitors to quickly reach out and request more information about your services.  However, many companies overlook ways that they can get the most out of this simple form.  If you have a website with a Contact Us form or if you’re thinking of adding a Contact Us form to your site, follow these 7 simple suggestions for optimizing your form and getting the maximum benefit out of this simple tool.

    1. Keep it Short — the more fields you add to your form, the more likely it is that a site visitor will not complete  it.  Therefore, try to limit your form to as few fields as possible — 5 – 8 is a good rule of thumb.


    1. Only ask for information you need  — Before you add a field to your form, ask yourself “Do I really need this information?”.  If the answer is “No”, then leave it off.   A great example is “City” and “State” — instead just ask for the visitors zipcode.  You can collect all optional and supplemnntary information from the visitor when you follow up with them by phone or email.


    1. Avoid CAPTCHAs unless absolutely necessary — CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing (tests to tell) Computers and Humans Apart) are those annoying little images that you must enter before you can submit your form.  CAPTCHAs were developed as a way to combat spam, but they become ineffective and actually harm your form’s conversion rate.  According to a recent article on SearchEngineLand.com, the use or CAPTCHAs increase form and page abandonment rates.  So, unless you have a rampant form spam problem, it’s best to not use CAPTCHAs.


    1. Save the Form Data in a Database or CRM— If a site visitor goes to the trouble of filling out your form, you need to be sure you save their information so you can follow up later.  Don’t just rely on email — make sure that your form is integrated with a database and/or CRM so you can keep track of the people who have contacted you through your website.  Every visitor who fills out your form is a potential client and you need to make sure they are added to your sales funnel.


    1. Optimize your “Thank You” page —   The “thank you” page is the page that appears after a user submits their information on your Contact Us form.  Often, this page is overlooked and simply says something like “Thanks for your Submission”.  Don’t just stop with a simple “thank you” — give the user other ways they can connect with your company.  Be sure to encourage them to call, email, etc.  If you have a whitepaper, give them a link where they can download it.  List your companies, hours, address, directions and the name of the person who will be calling them about their submission.  The more information you can provide on the thank you page, the better the change that the site visitor will connect with your company and want to do business with you.


    1. Optimize your “Thank You” email — Like the “Thank You” page, the “Thank You” email is often neglected.  If your form collects the site visitors email address, it’s a no-brainer to send a thank you email.  All of the same directions for the thank you page apply to the thank you email.  Don’t just send a simple “thank you” — email all of the information you can to the visitor so that they can learn about your company and become a client.


  1. Find Ways to Profit from the Visitors that you Can’t Help — Not every site visitor will turn into a client.  However, just because they don’t become yourclient doesn’t mean they won’t become someone else’s client.  For instance, if you are a Divorce Attorney and you’re contacted by someone who needs help with Bankruptcy, reach out to colleagues in your area about a referral arrangement.  Similarly, if you are a bankruptcy attorney in Seattle and you get an inquiry from a visitor in Portland, find a Portland bankruptcy attorney who can take the case and set up a referral agreement.  Referring cases to other lawfirms is a great way to build good will.

    If you don’t have time to seek out referral arrangements, consider using LeadRival’s Affiliate Lead Form.  This form is easy to install and allows you to keep the leads that are in your target market and sell the leads that you cannot service.  For more information please contact sales at 800-332-8017 or email us at sales@leadrival.com.