Do you believe in love at first site? This is what happens when a consumer comes to your website. If the reader is not immediately impressed by your site they will go back to Google and look for the next in line.

1. Invest in Quality Design and Photography: Design is the one area you do not want to cut corners. By producing a professional and sleek design it will show your visitors how proud you are of your firm and will welcome them in. How your website looks is a reflection of your business, so it matters if the content is current and looks professional. Also, remember that people love looking at pictures more than they love looking at pages of full content.

2. Provide Great Content: Ask yourself, “Would I read this?” Each page within your website should have a purpose and the content should reflect that purpose. All the content should be relevant, simple, cohesive and most importantly, informative. Keep your content lively as well – add some personality to it and your readers will enjoy reading it. Most consumers are only going to scan your website to see if you can help them, so try not to be too wordy or you are going to lose them quickly!

3. Make Your Site Stand Out from Your Competitors: Before you begin creating a website make sure you do your market and industry research. Look at your competitors and see if you can point out a list of things you do differently. Then, you can make those items your core focus. Also, look at their different color usages and their layout functionality.

4. Make Your Site User-friendly: The way your sites functionality and navigation work is just as important as the visual aspects talked about above. When a consumer comes to your site it’s most likely their first time, so make sure your text is big enough to read and your contact information is easily accessible. You need to make sure to think like an outsider when developing the navigation. Also, look at other sites to see how they are set up or to find better ways to help your visitors find their way around with ease.

5. Be Personable: The most important thing you should know is that your website is not providing a service first; it is actually providing a solution to their problem FIRST! Take your website and speak from a solution frame of mind and show your visitors how you can help them. When you are confident about your product or service it will show your visitor that you are the best in the business.