Turn Customers to FansIt is safe to say that football has the most devoted fans of all time. They have even created an entire fantasy league in order to become more involved with their favorite teams and players. Don’t you wish your customers had this kind of passion for your business? There are two main differences between customers and fans: passion and access. Now is the time to change your perspective and become a fan favorite!

4 Steps to Becoming a Fan Favorite

Identify Your Fans

It’s time to get your draft picks ready by identifying which customers are your biggest fans. In order to identify your fans, you will need to do some research. Find out who is talking about you. Who is responding on your social media sites, public forums or simply just word of mouth?  What is being said on customer surveys? Are you receiving thank you letters or positive email responses? The customers that are actively involved in these areas are your key players and where you should focus the most time and energy.

Once you have identified your fans, find out what is similar about them as a whole. What do they like about your business? Do you get the most compliments about your customer service or quick turnaround time? Do they like your online posts and articles? Every business has strengths and weaknesses. While it is easier to know your weaknesses, your biggest fans will help define your strengths.

Define Your Team

Once you have identified your fans, it is time to define your team. Figure out the relationship you would like to have with your biggest fans and how to best communicate your plan. If you had a team of customers ready to help you in any way, what would you want them to do? Do you want new marketing suggestions? Do you need feedback on your current marketing strategy? Or do you simply want them to be a part of your referral process? It is important when you build your team of fans that you make sure and define the relationship so everyone is knows their roles and position on the team.

Give Your Fans a Voice

Now that you have defined your team, it is time to let go of the reigns and offer more access to your fans. There are many different ways to develop a platform for your fans to speak. Get creative!

Quick Ideas:

  • Create a “street team” fan network or special rewards program tailored towards your biggest fans.
  • Define a fan access pass on your website and give them ideas on how to get the word out.
  • Allow them to send you ideas and feedback.
  • Offer a point system for sharing pages and articles on social media, answering online forums, giving out business cards and sending in referrals.

Recognize Your Star Players

Fans love being noticed for all their hard work and dedication to the team so it is important to always give credit where credit is due. Remember, these fans are promoting you out of passion and interest in your business, not for a paycheck. Make sure you acknowledge your “star players”, or the fans making the most effort and impact.  You can show appreciation publicly on your website, through rewards or even a personal thank you note highlighting their achievements. Thanks to your hard work and dedication we have been able to help25% more people this month. You’re making a difference!

When you start to see your best customers as fans, you change your marketing perspective and allow for more creativity. Cultivating a relationship with your biggest fans will help bring your business to the next level. Taking the extra time and effort in order to correctly build a team of fans will continue to pay off as their passion influences others. Follow these 4 steps and create your own unique ways to turn your customers into your biggest cheerleaders!


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