What back links are, in a nutshell:  Backlinks are basically a virtual 3rd party reference of you or your services.  Just like in the real world;  if someone mentions your business to their friend, they are giving you a reference, or referral.

Yes, link building is STILL an essential piece of any proper SEO campaign for your law firm or legal website.  Understanding how to develop your link building and backlink strategies in a manner that pleases search engines wants and needs, as of today, is the tricky part.

There is always a fine line of link building for law firms; what is considered spam, seo tricks, and what is considered ok but just not good enough.  Learning what works for you and your legal website is something that will come in time with research and proper documentation.

note:  the strategy below is a “linkbuilding 101” for those new to Search Engine Optimization, and those who really want to stay clear of onsite penalties from search engines.

To be safe, start out by trying some of these:

Basic Legal Website Strategies for Building Backlinks


    ONSITE backlink strategy:  Try to keep your link density down to a few links per 300 words of unique content.  OFFSITE strategy:  And the same goes for sites that you want backlinks from;  if it seems they are just overloading links on a page, then you probably don’t want to waste your valuable time trying to get that backlink.


    ONSITE strategy:  If you like putting links to your top pages in the sidebar, avoid having 1 sidebar template throughout the entire site that highlights the SAME links on every page.  Instead, create different sidebar templates for different sections of your site, and link to the relevant posts of that section only.  This will help with user navigation, and keep your sitewide links to a minimum.  OFFSITE backlink strategy for sitewide links:  If you request a backlink from a blog, be sure to request that you do not want a link in their sidebar or blogroll.


    OFFSITE backlink strategies for link acquistions:  It can send an alarm to search engines if  for the past two years you have acquired on average 20 backlinks/month and out of nowhere you get 1000 backlinks in 4 days.  This could be legitimate, and due to a great article you wrote, but nonetheless it will be noticed.  But if the content and links are bad and look like they have been acquired using a scheme, this is a red flag.


    OFFSITE and ONSITE strategy for anchor text variations:  Use anchor text for your links that flow within the content.  The more natural it flows and sounds within its surrounding text the better it looks.  Avoid using 2 word anchor texts for all of your links.  Mix up your anchor text style by adding some long-tailed link anchor text.  You can do this by adding something geographical.  I’ll give you an example using a line from the first paragraph above.  originally:  Just like in the real world;  if someone mentions your business to their friend, they are giving you a reference, or referral.  And now a bit modified:  … if someone mentions your business in Fort Worth to their friend, they are giving you a reference, or referral.

backlink strategies and tips for lawyer websites

The link building debate can go on forever and is always in debate.  The 4 tips described above are a starting point to understand the basics of smart backlink building.  For more on powering your legal site with strategic SEO and web development visit the respective blog category sections here on our LeadRival site.