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Who is LeadRival?

LeadRival began in 2001 as a traditional print media advertising company serving law firms in Texas. Recognizing the potential of internet marketing, the founders began developing legal-themed websites in order to expand the reach of their advertising programs. Today LeadRival generates thousands of prospects every week for our partnered attorneys nationwide.


Why We’re Successful

Hard work, focus, and a little luck.  We’re a team of professionals that is passionate about internet marketing.  We know that our company existence depends on the results our clients achieve.  We strive to make sure that our success does not come at the expense of any of our stakeholders (clients, consumers, employees, vendors and owners).

Do you want more leads?

Accelerate your firm’s growth. Grow your practice with exclusive, real-time leads that convert to clients.

LeadRival Success

How do you generate leads?

Every day, thousands of people search for legal help online. When they search, they often see one our advertisements. If they click on our advertisement, they are taken to one of our practice specific websites that contains a free claim evaluation form. If the user completes the form and matches our filtering criteria, they are connected to a local law firm who can assist them with their legal issues.

Our Partners


NACBA is the only national organization dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys.


AAJ is a national organization for attorneys who help consumers achieve justice through the legal system.


NOSSCR is an association for attorneys and other advocates who represent people with disabilities. Members represent Social Security Disability claimants through the adjudication process.

National Trial Lawyers

The National Trial Lawyers association provides trial attorneys with information, professional support and a nationwide network that enables them to most effectively and expertly represent clients.


WILG is a network of like-minded advocates for workers’ rights, sharing information and knowledge, a sense of commitment and kinship, and networking to help each other and our clients.


The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) is the country’s largest organization of lawyers who exclusively or primarily represent employees in cases.


NADR is an organization that offers Professional Social Security Claimants Representatives resources for issues, educational opportunities, and interests.

Sentinel Marketing Solutions

Sentinel Marketing Solutions is a Quality First Call Center with a wide range of expertise in both inbound and outbound project management, as well as a highly specialized legal lead generation division.


Litify offers marketing, intake, referrals, client interaction, matter management, document storage, and finance all under a single umbrella in a simple, digestable, and actionable format.

Assure Disability

Need a lawyer to attend a remote disability hearing? Assure Disability offers a one-stop scheduling system for lawyers and law firms.


Prevail is a multi-user information management system that helps law firms manage every aspect of their case information, contacts, documents, calendars, tasks, statutes, time, costs, fees and workflow.

Blue Orchid Marketing

Blue Orchid Marketing is an automated marketing system that allows you to grow your business by increasing your communications to current and past clients, as well as prospective new clients and patients.


Captorra is a cloud based case intake solution which allows your attorneys, investigators and intake staff access via their laptops, iPads or smartphones.

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